Original Devil

Alias: Devil (Usurped by Mephisto)
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Age: Ancient (Immortal)
Date of birth: Unrevealed
Place of birth: Hell
Date of death: 1938
Place of death: Nazi Germany
Professional status
Previous position(s): Ruler of Hell
Personal status
Relatives: Demons (Siblings)
Status: Deceased (Damned)
Game(s): BloodRayne
The great Beliar is the original Devil. When Mephisto fell from Heaven, he usurped Beliar. When he couldn't destroy him, Mephisto ripped Beliar into a thousand pieces and scattered him in all directions.

Beliar is a powerful demon who once ruled Hell. He appears in BloodRayne as one of the final bosses, along with Jürgen Wulf.


Beliar was the original King of Hell, but was usurped by the fallen angel Mephisto. He was torn to pieces and his body parts were scattered across the Earth as unholy relics. Each body part will instinctively merge with the first person to discover it, rather painfully, and will confer upon that person part of the supernatural power of Beliar. Although Jürgen Wulf acquired most of the body parts through the course of the game (teeth, ribs, a hand, and an eye), Rayne ends up unintentionally merging with Beliar's other eye, turning one of her own eyes (the left one) blood red and giving her Extruded View. Rayne initially merges with Beliar's rib in Morton, Louisiana, but Wulf ripped it out of her body, nearly killing her. Beliar's heart is the most powerful of the relics and merging with it will cause Beliar to be reborn from the body of the heart's host. In the game's last level, Hedrox uses the heart, resurrecting Beliar and dying as a consequence. Upon awakening, Beliar is intent upon reclaiming his body parts from both Wulf and Rayne, initiating the game's final three-way battle. At the end Rayne destroys Beliar and throws his dead, dried heart to the sewer.


Beliar has a skeletal appearance, looking much like metal thorns with pieces of torn red flesh hanging from it. His body is elastic and he attacks by growing sharp tentacles from his chest or arms to impale his enemies with.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Beliar attacks by growing sharp skeletal spikes from his chest and arms to impale his enemies with. Occasionally, he will move to the center of the room and will start glowing with fire, becoming bigger. Beliar is slow, but very powerful - however he can only stay in the center of the room. He cannot enter the stairways or climb to the top level of the room due to his size, although he can attack Rayne and Wulf in the top room after growing to a considerable height. The only way to deal any damage to Beliar is to attack his heart, which is rather difficult, since his heart surrounded by his "skeleton" and very hard to hit. Melee attacks with Rayne's blades will deal no damage to Beliar, which leaves weapons as the only means of hitting the heart. Additionally, if Jürgen Wulf is killed by Beliar instead of by Rayne, Beliar will reclaim his body parts from Wulf and regain the ability to breathe fire and possibly defense. Beliar's fire breath is several times larger and more powerful than Wulf's. Beliar has the ability to increase in size to a point where he could become too powerful and too large in height, after which the game will enter into FMV mode showing Beliar crushing Rayne and Jürgen (if not killed by Rayne), ending the game, and the player will have to start the fight again.


Beliar's name comes from Belial, meaning "without worth", mentioned in the Bible as a demon.


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