Dariel Zerenski

Dariel Zerenski
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Date of death: October 31, 2004
Place of death: Dariel Zerenski's Estate
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Position(s): Aristocrat
Personal status
Relatives: Rayne - Half-sister
Ephemera - Half-sister
Ferril - Half-sister
Delinda - Half-sister
Xerx Mephistopheles - Half-brother
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne 2
English voice: Dameon Clarke

Dariel Zerenski was a wealthy pure-vampire aristocrat, Kagan's son and Rayne's half-brother.


Zerenski was an offspring of Kagan. He owned a huge mansion and had an important social position. His job in the Cult of Kagan was to kill the city's citizens who have a high social status (mob bosses, royals, city officials, etc.). When Zerenski hosted a party at his mansion, Rayne snuck in. Rayne meets him, but he didn't recognize her and when she tells him who she is, he mentions Delinda, one of his sisters, which Rayne had previously killed. They met in the roof where they fought and Zerenski died. Keeping to the theme of the cliche horror boss, he has his mansion wired to explode upon his death.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

He is a generic vampire, and his sole ability is turning into a flock of bats. He is possibly the easiest boss next to Slezz.


  • In Zerenski's mansion, baths filled with blood can be found - it's a reference to Elizabeth Báthory.
  • In the chamber where Rayne faces the Dhampir, the Moldovan flag can be seen dangling from above. This could be an indication to Zerenski's origin or even the cult's base.
  • Zerenski employs more male dhampir. His slaves say that he hates 'lady dhampir' for unknown reasons.
  • His surname is sometimes spelled as Zerenzki.



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