Dhampirs are human-vampire hybrids. Dhampirs have the powers of a vampire, but their weaknesses are much lighter to bare.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


  • Half-Vampirism:
    • Superhuman Strength: Dhampir inherit the strength and resilience of their vampiric parent's blood. A dhampir can easily lift several dozen tons with ease; able to bench-press cars, bend steel in their bare hands, jump several feet in the air in a single bound, and overpower any human or lesser vampire with ease. Their vampiric ancestry also contributes to their strength; as Rayne and her half-siblings were considerably stronger due to being the descendants of the vampire overlord Kagan, strong enough to move a 40 ton semi-truck. Feeding allows them to maintain their strength and vigorous resilience and to heal their bodily wounds.
    • Feeding:
      • Healing Factor:



  • Water: They cannot withstand pure saltwater for a long period of time as it will burn them like acid.
  • Sunlight: They can withstand sunlight to a certain degree, unlike most vampires who burn to ashes within its presence almost instantly. But they can't withstand it for a long period of time, as when the sun's rays touches their skin, it burns them, causing smoke to evaporate off their skin.



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