BloodRayne 2-Ephemera
Name: Emily[1]
Alias: Ephemera
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Place of death: Twisted Park
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne 2
Comic(s): BloodRayne: Dark Soul
BloodRayne: Plague of Dreams
BloodRayne: Prime Cuts
English voice: Scarlett McAlister

Ephemera is one of Kagan's many spawns to be his army and Rayne's younger half-sister.


Ephemera is dressed in black leather, has pale skin and no visible eyes (they look much like black pools when seen close up). It is possible that Ephemera is actually blind and the shadows which surround her have a role similar to a cat's whiskers.


She has little consideration for the rest of her family: she is not affected by Zerenski's death, sarcastically calling him "our dear brother" when talking to Rayne, she despises Xerx ("my mongoloid brother") for being truly loyal to Kagan, threw Ferril off the Shroud tower with no hesitation and secretly wants her father dead so that she can take over the Cult of Kagan. She is clever and calculated, and tends to do things indirectly: she would rather wait in the shadows and plan a deadly strike, most likely due to her affinity with shadows.


Ephemera is one of Rayne's half-sisters and the oldest Ferril and the oldest brother Zerenski, who lead the Cult of Kagan. Before the events of BloodRayne 2, Severin was under her spell and the two became lovers, but Rayne rescued him before he could be turned into a vampire and Ephemera went on a hunting spree to find him.


BloodRayne 2Edit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

She can use her sense of smell, as seen when she says "Smells like Slezz..." when Xerx introduces her to one of Slezz's children. It's presumed that she has an Aura Vision superior to Rayne's, as she is a full blooded vampire.



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BloodRayne 2
BloodRayne: Betrayal

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