Feral Vampire

Race: Vampire
Place of birth: New Guinea
Date of death: 1938
Place of death: Nazi Germany
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Hedrox the Infinite
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne

The Feral Vampires are a group of ancient animal-like vampires who lived and evolved in New Guinea. They fought for Hedrox the Infinite and they went with him in the Castle Gaustadt to find the heart of Beliar. They are enemies in BloodRayne.


According to Rayne, the Feral Vampires are in fact an ancient breed of vampires, who - cut off from the world in New Guinea - evolved into perfect killers.

A group of those creatures, led by Hedrox, invaded Castle Gaustadt in order to claim Beliar's heart and attacked the G.G.G. troopers under Jürgen Wulf, excavating the site for the same purpose. Initially, Feral Vampires gained advantage over the Germans, causing chaos and panic. Although G.G.G. soldiers managed to hold some defense points briefly (like the cathedral, protected by Gosler's mobile armor unit until its destruction by Rayne), they were mostly overwhelmed. Situation changed when soldiers called in air strikes, seemingly starting to regain control. However, Hedrox was the first to get his hands on Beliar's heart (killing its previous owner - Count Voicu).

Near the end of the third act, the Feral Vampires - just like the G.G.G. - were largely decimated and Hedrox was one of the few (if not the only one) who survived.


Unlike other vampires, who are human-like in appearance, Feral Vampires look more like wild animals. They were all covered in white fur (except for Hedrox, whose fur was black), wore no clothing, stood in perpetual crouch and had great jaws filled with sharp teeth. Their arms were armed with a set of long, sharp claws (in place of fingers), with a circular "mouth" in the palm, enabling Feral Vampires to devour their victims' brains. It is not clear, however, if all Feral Vampires do have the ability to gain their victims' knowledge and memories, like their leader Hedrox.

Both male and female Feral Vampires are encountered in game.

Tactical informationEdit

Feral Vampires, despite being melee-only fighters, are among the most dangerous enemies in the game. Not only they are resistant to wounds, but they deal a lot of damage with their powerful claws. They usually perform their attacks in three ways - by lunging towards BloodRayne and dealing damage on contact (when they are in distance), by striking upwards with one arm, an then downwards with the other one, or by dashing towards Rayne and performing a series of blows. The latter attack (employed usually by females, which makes them more dangerous) is particularly deadly and capable of killing Rayne quite quickly. Feral Vampires are immune to harpoon attacks.

Due to their powerful melee attacks, the best way to fight those adversaries is to strike at their back or at their side and avoid face-to-face combat (as it allows them to perform their dashing attack). Slow-motion mode is very useful here. Keeping them at safe distance may also work, but due to their high stamina, it usually takes a lot of bullets to kill them.



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