Giants Bats are a race of big winged bats with a skull-like head who lived in New Guinea. They were domesticated by Hedrox the Infinite. They are enemies in BloodRayne.


Nothing is known about the origin of those creatures. Given the fact that they accompany Hedrox's Feral Vampires in their search for Beliar's heart in Castle Gaustadt, they are presumably of the similar origin and evolved in isolation on New Guinea. Unlike Feral Vampires, they are non-sentient creatures and presumably sort of pets and beasts of war to Hedrox and his kin.


Giant Bats, as the name indicates, are nothing more than big, man-sized creatures, resembling bats of an unknown species. Their heads are skull-like, with visible long fangs, giving them (as well as their resemblance of bats) somewhat vampiric appearance. This may indicate they are distantly related to sentient, intelligent vampires, but it is not confirmed in game (as their background is not covered at all).

Although Giant Bats do can fly, they are probably incapable of long flights, because most of the time, they are seen on the ground, walking on all fours and using their wings as forward legs.

Tactical informationEdit

While their masters - Feral Vampires - are one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, the Giant Bats are one of the weakest. Despite the fact, that they often appear in groups of two or three, and that they move quite fast, they are barely a danger due to their poor resistance to attack, which makes them easy to kill with mere melee attacks - using firearms on them is just a waste of ammo, unless Rayne is surrounded by a group of these creatures. Moreover, their only attack (hitting Rayne with both wings from above) causes little damage and is performed with very low frequency. All this makes Giant Bats more of a nuissance, than a real adversary.



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