Jürgen Wulf

Jurgen Wulf 5 years younger
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of birth: Germany
Place of death: Nazi Germany
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Nazi Germany
Gegengeist Gruppe
Division(s): Gegengeist Gruppe
Position(s): Gegengrupenführer (Supreme Commander)
Partner(s): Marassa
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne
English voice:  ?
Japanese voice: Norio Wakamoto

Jürgen Wulf is the primary antagonist in BloodRayne. He is the founder of the Gegengeist Gruppe a group that aimed to sustain Hitler in power through the use of occult artifacts, including obtaining and reassembling the remains of Beliar.




Jürgen Wulf was World War I war criminal who fled to South America to escape punishment. There he learned of powerful supernatural artifacts, founded the Gegengeist Gruppe and became its absolute leader.


Wulf was looking for the parts of Beliar. During this, he finds Rayne injured in Louisiana, who just had found the ribs. He then claimed the ribs and left her for dead.

Five years later, Jürgen founds the Gegengeist Gruppe in order to find all the pieces of Beliar and insert them in his body. becoming extremely powerful and unstoppable. He is the Supreme Commander of the G.G.G., and commands several officers in the organization, including Mynce. When at Castle Gaustadt, Wulf is already in possession of Beliar's teeth, ribs, a hand and an eye. There he searches for an item of great power, Beliar's heart. After Rayne defeats the Doppleganger Twins, Mynce reveals herself and explains her actions. After the two reconciled, they are separated by a heavy gate. Wulf then appears, aware of Mynce's betrayal, and rips her beating heart from her chest, killing Mynce for good. Rayne, being unable to attack Wulf due to the gate, swears revenge on him, and he leaves. Afterwards, he is found again in the final room, ordering Hedrox the Infinite to give him the heart. After Beliar has been reborn, and Hedrox killed, Wulf and Rayne fight together using the weapons scattered around the arena, although he will attack both Rayne and Beliar.

There are four ways to end the final battle. If Rayne and Wulf fails to kill Beliar in time, Beliar will grow so large that he effortlessly crushes them both and Armageddon begins. If Rayne defeats Wulf first, then she will be seen cutting off his arms and head in a cutscene, after which the battle with Beliar continues. If Rayne or Wulf defeat Beliar first, Beliar will implode back into his heart and she will be seen stepping on it after it dries out. Wulf appears from the shadows, to which Rayne smiles in excitement. Then the final battle with Wulf will continue. A fourth, but rare outcome is possible. If Beliar kills Wulf, he will obtain Wulf's parts. Wulf is then checked off Rayne's list and Beliar gets his hand (now larger, skeletal and metallic), his eye which allows for more accurate attacks, his teeth that allow him to spew gigantic flames, and his ribs which better protects his heart. Beliar is now deadlier, but still vulnerable, so the final battle between him and Rayne continues.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a military man, he has the basic knowledge and abilities of a soldier, so use of automatic weaponry is almost second nature to him. He has inside him the teeth, ribs, hand, and an eye of Beliar, giving him superhuman abilities. The teeth allow him to breathe fire and practically become a human flamethrower. The ribs allow Wulf to slow time and run at incredible speeds, even at Rayne's standards. The hand, indicated by the black glove, combusts into supernatural flame and gives him incredible strength. A single hit from the hand wipes out a third of Rayne's health, meaning a three- hit- combo is a certain death. The eye gives the extruded view that Rayne also has. Lastly, due to the amount of power Wulf has from the parts, he is almost invincible. Guns and normal blade attacks proved useless, only explosives, Beliar's powerful attacks and Rayne's "blood rage" attacks can do any damage to him.




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