BloodRayne 2-Kagan Vesper Shard
Name: Antonio Gallo[1]
Alias: Kagan
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Date of death: November 2, 2004
Place of death: Kagan's tower
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Cult of Kagan
Previous affiliation(s): Gegengeist Gruppe
Personal status
Relatives: Dariel Zerenski - Son
Xerx Mephistopheles - Son
Ephemera - Daughter
Ferril - Daughter
Delinda - Daughter
Rayne - Daughter
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne - Mention only

BloodRayne 2
BloodRayne: Betrayal

Comic(s): BloodRayne: Skies Afire
BloodRayne: Plague of Dreams
BloodRayne: Prime Cuts
English voice: Troy Baker

Kagan was a powerful vampire overlord and the father of Rayne, Zerenski, Xerx Mephistopheles, Ephemera and Ferril.



Kagan's policy with his dhampir children was that he would rape their mother to impregnate them and kill all her family, so the vampire would have no one to turn to but him, hence the large array of dhampir henchmen he had. Whether this was the same with his pure vampire children's, such as Ephemera, Xerx, Zerenski, and Ferril, mothers is unknown.


Kagan is a very old vampire, his age being unknown, but he has been alive long enough to sire several offspring such as Rayne, Ephemera, Xerx Mephistopheles, Ferril, Daniel Zerenski and the unseen Delinda.

During World War II, Kagan became involved with a sect of Nazis called the Gegengeist Gruppe. Kagan associated himself with this group, but didn't consider himself fully a Nazi, wearing only the G.G.G symbol on his armband. Although he isn't seen in BloodRayne, suggesting his membership was highly secretive.


BloodRayne 2Edit

In the beginning part of the game, there is a flashback with Rayne staring angrily at a raging fire in a building. There is a weak voice in the background, explaining that he was attacked by a strong vampire. Rayne realizes it was Kagan and finds in the Blood Library, looking for the Vesper Shard. Rayne is ready to kill Kagan, but he reveals a battered and dying Professor Tremayne, with his small intestine wrapped around his neck. Kagan than explains that Trumain "stole another" of Kagan's offspring. Tremayne pulls out a detonator and it explodes, but Rayne is able to flee. Kagan survived the explosion, but the Vesper Shard infused with his flesh, mainly his face and arm.

60 years later, Kagan and his vampire children conquered over a city, using the Shroud to block sunlight, thus giving vampires and other demonic creatures the liberty to walk among the living in the daytime. Rayne faced off with her vampire father and successfully killed him. However, with the Shroud still lingering over the city, Rayne takes charge in destroying it and Brimstone makes base in the city, rescuing survivors and killing the demonic creatures.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kagan was a powerful vampire overlord with as much physical prowess as political acumen. Although his exact lineage and blood purity was never revealed, Kagan - considering his raw power and virility - was very possibly a pureblood vampire hailing from an aged and long bloodline.

  • Immortality:
  • Inhuman Strength: True to his bloodline, rank and age, Kagan's strength was challenged only by his eldest daughter, the dhampir Rayne. This made Kagan among the mightiest vampires upon the Earth in the time before his timely demise. Men were all but powerless against him in a direct confrontation.
  • Preternatural Swordsman: With centuries of fighting experience coupled with his inhuman perception, precision and reflexes, Kagan was capable of superhuman feats of swordplay. Like his daughter, he could channel his blood rage through his sword; enhancing it as well as his own fighting prowess and grace.


  • In one of the chambers of Zerenski's mansion, there is a Gegengeist Gruppe banner, but also there is a Jolly Roger, a symbol commonly associated with pirates, suggesting Kagan was once involved.



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BloodRayne 2
BloodRayne: Betrayal