P. Eckstein

Майор П.Экштейн.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Place of birth: Germany
Place of death: Argentina
Professional status
Affiliation(s): Gegengeist Gruppe
Position(s): Huptmann (Major)
Personal status
Status: Deceased
Game(s): BloodRayne
English voice:  ?
Japanese voice:  ?

P. Eckstein is a Nazi Officer and a Major of the Gegengeist Gruppe. He worked closely with The Butcheress (though he did not seem to like her) and experimented with the toxic gas, using the natives as test-subjects. Eckstein tried to eliminate Rayne with the toxic gas, but Rayne kills him using his own trick; by kicking and breaking the protective glass to his room, allowing the gas to leak in. Shortly after, Rayne knocks on the door of the roof. The Butchress sees Eckstien in the peephole, but as it turns out, Rayne severed Eckstein's head and held it up, so the Butcheress opens the door and Rayne attacks.

Target PhotoEdit


BloodRayne 2
BloodRayne: Betrayal

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